GX3 Level 1 Worldox Beginner

New to Worldox or do you feel you never really learned the basics of Worldox?  This is the ideal place to get started!

Here's a breakdown of the course content...

Module 1 Overview of Worldox Document Management Concepts
Unit 1 Understanding the Basic Worldox System Setup
Unit 2 Profile Groups
Module 2 Saving a New Document (File)
Unit 1 Saving a New Document (File)
Unit 2 Same Profile As Button on the Profile Form
Unit 3 Quick Profiles (How they can be useful)
Unit 4 Creating a File Version
Unit 5 File Security Options During the Save Process
Module 3 How to Find Documents (Searching)
Unit 1 Using the Location Bar to Search
Unit 2 Direct Access Searches
Unit 3 Profile Searches
Unit 4 Using Boolean Search Operators
Unit 5 Searching Previous Versions of Documents
Module 4 Filtering a File List after a Search
Unit 1 The Filter Bar
Unit 2 The Tags Tab
Module 5 The Navigation Pane (Ways to Organize Your Files)
Unit 1 Workspaces
Unit 2 Bookmarks
Unit 3 Favorite Matters
Unit 4 Projects
Module 6 Email Management (within MS-Outlook)
Unit 1 Attaching Files to Email Messages
Unit 2 Saving Emails to Worldox
Unit 3 Alternate Method for Creating an Email QuickProfile
Module 7 User Controllable Preferences & Customizations
Unit 1 Saving Your Personal Column Layout and Sort
Unit 2 Customizing the Worldox Toolbar
Unit 3 Customizing the Navigation Pane
Module 8 Miscellaneous Items
Unit 1 Customize the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) for ease of use with Worldox
Unit 2 The Worldox Toolbar in Word 2007-2013 (Footer Stamp Macros)
Unit 3 The WorkZone
Unit 4 Understanding Offline Documents
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